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'The Ancient Watcher', my documentary short (30min) about the artist Kerry Strongman, was part of the official selection of the 11th Documentary Edge Film Festival in New Zealand in 2016.

Kiwi icon and one of the most original carvers, Kerry Strongman has been working with the kauri for more than five decades and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

'The Ancient Watcher' is a documentary portrait of this unique and spectacular artist.

A lyrical tale of art and nature where trees become mythical heroes and a master carver unearths ancient treasures and shares their secrets with us.

Kerry Strongman talks about his Maori ancestry and how it influenced his work, his life philosophy and his views on nature and human place in it. A story about origins, survival , beauty, myth and memory, a contemplation of nature and the human condition. You can watch the film here.

'Between the Land and the Sea' has been awarded 
Best Foreign Film Award at Yosemite International Film Festival in 2018. 
You can learn more about the festival here

Between the Land and the Sea’ is a documentary about Cornwall and the people who love it. It is also a film about human impact on marine environment, with special emphasis on the problem of plastic pollution. From March till November 2017 I have visited different parts of the Cornish coast and met with the locals. We spoke about their personal experiences of the coast, about the changes they observe on land and in the sea and about their hopes for the future of this beautiful area. Most people I met are involved as volunteers in various marine conservation projects.

You can watch the full documentary here.

Photography is another way to express my love for our planet and its beauty with landscape being  my primary interest. 

Some of my photos have been featured by SUITCASE MAGAZINE.

I also use them to illustrate my travel blogs. In my blogs I want to share local stories or myths linked to the specific places to show how humans and landscapes coexisted through millennia, people shaped by landscapes and vice versa. 

You can read my travel stories here: