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'The Ancient Watcher' - documentary trailer

Watch the trailer for my new documentary 'The Ancient Watcher' filmed last year in New Zealand, featuring Kerry Strongman, renown artist carver and sculptor from the Arts Factory in Te Hana.

Kiwi icon and one of the most original carvers, Kerry Strongman has been working with the kauri for more than five decades and his artwork has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

'The Ancient Watcher' is a documentary portrait of this unique and spectacular artist.

A lyrical tale of art and nature where trees become mythical heroes and a master carver unearths ancient treasures and shares their secrets with us.

Kerry Strongman talks about his Maori ancesrty and how it influenced his work, his life philosophy and his views on nature and human place in it. A story about origins, survival , beauty, myth and memory, a contemplation of nature and the human condition.

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